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THE RIVER MAN: A fated love story between a man and a river

THE RIVER MAN (16mins) - Connie Corcoran has dedicated his life to the mighty Blackwater River and, over the years, its currents have shaped him. He is one of Ireland’s great salmon fishing guides, but if the salmon stocks continue to decline, he may be one of its last. The River Man is a fated love story between a man and a river.

AWARDS: WINNER - Best Documentary - Lift-Off Film Festival Sydney 2016 / WINNER - Best Documentary - Lift-Off Film Festival. Amsterdam 2016 / WINNER - Best Short Documentary - Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2016 / Shortlist for Best Short Documentary - Kinsale 2016 / Finalist Best Short - Big Sky Film Festival 2016 / Shortlist for Best International New Director - Kinsale 2015 / Shortlist Cinematography - Kinsale 2015 / Shortlist for Grand Prix - Cork Film Festival 2015 / Shortlist for Best Doc - Cork Film Festival 2015

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Fastnet Film Festival 2016 / NYC Independent Film Festival 2016 / AMDOC. American Documentary Film Festival 2016 / Irish Film Festival Boston 2016 / UK Film Festival 2016 / Clare Island Film Festival 2015 / Indie Cork Film Festival 2015

PRESS: The Sunday Times / Sunday Business Post / RTÉ / Off The Scale /

CREDITS: The River Man: Connie Corcoran / Director + Producer: Richard Gorodecky / Cinematographer + Editor: Doug Hancock / Compositor: Randy Roemeon / Singer: Sinead Daly / Sound Design: Niels Den Otter / Colourist: Daphne Malerna / Violin + Score: Tiziana Pintus / Singer - Sinead Daly / Compositor - Randy Roemeon / Sound Production - Audentity Post Production / Darlings Post

The River Man is a fascinating story of one man’s love of
the world that speaks to all people about all places.
— John Maguire, Sunday Business Post